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Top 4 Reasons Why Your Hair is Having a Bad Day | Solutions

On some occasions, you may look in the mirror and gasp at how beautiful, shiny and in-place your hair looks. On other days, however, you might wonder – how come you try to fix your hair in many different ways and yet, it just doesn’t sit right? Sometimes we will experience a lot of dryness or frizz hair, and that is okay – bad hair days happen. 

In this blog post, we will uncover why you constantly have bad hair days – and what you can do to solve this problem.

Why Am I Having a Bad Hair Day?

If you constantly wonder why your hair looks so tangled, dry and chaotic, there are a number of reasons you should be aware of. The motives are as follows:

Reason #1: You have a lot of accumulated stress

High levels of stress are the cause of many mental and physical health issues, including a decrease in the overall health of your hair. When you experience stress on a grand scale, your body releases the cortisol hormone in large amounts, and your hair follicles unfortunately take a toll on it.

Thanks to stress, your hair becomes dry, brittle and extremely thin.

Reason #2: Your diet is not the best one

Your hair will look better once you consume proteins, vegetables, and fruits. If your body absorbs the wrong nutrients, you will suffer consequences that will be visible in your skin, nails and hair follicles. An excess of carbs, fried or oily dishes and junk food are extremely harmful for the health of your hair.

Reason #3: Not trimming your hair enough

A hair that does not receive enough cuts now and then is bound to get dry and develop split ends. If you trim your hair once every month, you are directly contributing to its health, smoothness and shiny appearance.

Reason #4: You are washing your hair every day

Not everyone has the same hair type – some people have more oily follicles than others, and washing their hair every day might seem like a good idea. However, doing so may contribute to dryness.

Another reason for a bad hair day is if you constantly wash it with very hot water. Hot water removes the necessary moisture from your hair, leaving it frizzy and broken.

Solutions for a Bad Hair Day

solutions to bad hair

A diversity of hair treatments out there will fix any bad hair day that you have! With different products and methods, you can ensure that your hair stays healthy and beautiful; there is no need to ever fret about a bad hair day.

Here are some ideas that are excellent solutions for turning your dry, broken hair look into the soft and shiny appearance it should have:

  1. Use dry shampoo two or three times a week, to avoid washing your hair every day – this way, you can still keep your hair clean without removing any essential oils.
  2. Cover your frizz with hats or headbands – aside from covering the frizz you wish to hide from coworkers or classmates, it can be a stylish addition to your outfit!
  3. Braid your hair or tie it up to hide the dryness – if you don’t have hats or headbands, you can simply tie your hair in a ponytail or braid it. Braids not only hide the frizz but also look delicate and match with any hair type.
  4. Use frizz-proof products, like oils or gels – many famous brands provide various options for different hair types to be free of dryness, split ends and frizz.
  5. Backcomb the roots of your hair for a more lively look – if you have straight, flat hair, then teasing your roots might be a good solution to give your hair a more fuller appearance.

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Having a Bad Hair Day? VIP Hair Salon Has Your Back!

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What do you do if you have a bad hair day?

If you are experiencing a bad hair day, use hats or make braids to cover the frizz. You can also use moisturizing products and take good care of your dieting habits.

What does it mean to have a bad hair day?

Bad hair days come from damaged hair follicles. Stress, extreme weather, hot water, bad diet – can all contribute to a bad hair day.

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