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What are the Benefits of Body Wraps Treatment? | Top 5 Benefits

People can find various treatments available to them when it comes to shaping or contouring the perfect body. One of the most known skin-tightening treatments is body wraps – they provide fast-therm weight-loss solutions and a number of other benefits. 

What is a Body Wrap Treatment?

Body wrap treatments are a method of temporary relief from cellulite that improves blood circulation and tightens the skin. Body wraps can come in a few different types that are offered in spas and applied by estheticians or massage therapists.

Some body wraps require a heated cream to be applied on the patient’s body before the plastic film is wrapped around them – these are known as heat wraps. Detox Slimming wraps use lotions or herbal products instead of creams, and infrared body wraps resemble heavy blankets.

Many people believe that a body wrap treatment will help them lose weight or detox. The truth is that body wraps serve as a temporary solution, and while there is no scientific evidence that any detox actually happens, however there are many benefits that body wraps can provide to patients. 

What Are the Benefits of a Body Wrap Treatment?

Although body wraps cannot replace a healthy diet and regular exercising, they still offer some sort of contribution and peace of mind for people who wish to tighten their skin and lose a few body inches for a couple of days.

The benefits of body wrap treatments are:

To Eliminate Cellulite

Since this treatment aims to tighten a patient’s skin, the minerals and vitamins present in the composition of the wrapping or lotion cream help cellulite to shrink and be eliminated anywhere in the body.

It Provides Relaxation

Body wrap treatments allow patients to relax fully. Since this treatment involves the person simply laying down and being wrapped in bandages or a blanket, it is quite quick and easy to remain calm and fall asleep. 

High-stress levels can block someone’s body from losing weight. However, with the relaxation provided by body wraps, there is no room for stress to occupy the mind – consequently, it becomes easy for patients to navigate their weight-loss journey.

Body Wraps Aid in Weight Loss

Body wraps tighten cellulite and remove dead cells from the body, consequently helping people achieve their desired weight sculpture. Although the end results are temporary, body wrap treatments can actually be a great help for people trying to lose weight – body wrap sessions can be combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, making the perfect combo for weight loss.

Improved Blood Flow

Body wrap treatments can help patients with having better blood circulation, thanks to all the sweat and tightening that occurs during sessions.

Extra Moisture and Exfoliation

Body wraps assist patients with smoother skin, thanks to the moisture from creams and oils. Patients are advised to remain hydrated before, during and after their wrapping sessions, and this practice, combined with lotions and sweat, improves the moisture of the skin. Exfoliation is also a great practice spas adhere to in order to remove dead cells.

Why Choose a VIP Hair Salon for a Body Wrap Treatment?

VIP Hair Salon delivers clients with effective results thanks to high-quality, natural herbal ingredients. The establishment is clean and comfortable, adding bonus points to a great customer service experience, and the professional staff always ensures clients are happy with the service. 

We work with a variety of body wrap options clients can choose from, including the Boca Raton’s Detox Slimming Wrap – a body wrap made specially to help clients lose a few inches of body fat with the use of smooth lotions that improve circulation and bandages that are applied on the patient’s skin in order to tighten it.

Contact VIP Hair Salon for a Body Wrap Consultation Today

Our professionals at VIP Hair Salon offer an excellent body wrap treatment for all clients in Toronto and the GTA. We use high-quality ingredients in a variety of wraps our clients can choose from.

Schedule your appointment with us today at (561) 808-2788, and let us provide you with a top-notch body wrap experience!


Are body wraps healthy?

Using body wraps is a treatment that requires caution and the help of a professional. During treatment, as long as a patient stays hydrated, there should be no harm or discomfort.

How often should you get a body wrap?

Depending on the diet and body type, someone can get a couple of sessions or perform 3 to 4 maintenance sessions per month.

How long do the effects of a body wrap last?

Body wraps have a temporary effect on the body. While they help tighten the skin, it is recommended that patients repeat their sessions a few times while keeping an active lifestyle and healthy diet.

Do body wraps work to tighten skin?

Yes, body wraps do tighten skin for a couple of days – which can be perfect for a beach day or a honeymoon occasion.

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