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how long does permanent hair dye last

How Long Does Permanent Hair Dye Last?

People dye their hair for personal reasons, and they are always valid ones – either we want to hide the first signs of white hair in us, or we want to express ourselves on a different way, prepare the look for a Halloween costume, a cosplay, or simply change our appearance every once in a while. And permanent hair dye is a popular choice among those who want to keep the new visual for a little longer.

But for how long does permanent hair dye last, after all? In this article, we will talk about this technique, and showcase products by us at VIP Salon – to know more, visit our website.

What is Permanent Hair Dye?

Hair dye is a method for coloring hair that makes use of chemicals that remove pigments from someone’s natural hair color to give space to the new dye.

How Does Permanent Hair Dye Work?

Upon applying the hair dye with the color of choice, it will replace the hair’s natural pigment through open cuticles that let the chemical formula enter the follicles of the hair, placing the permanent color in them.

This chemical will react differently to each hair type – it all depends on the strength and texture of the hair, on the person’s lifestyle and on their hair care routine. If someone is always moisturizing their hair with mascara on a weekly basis and eating well, their hair will have a stronger health, which allows hair dye to stay longer.

On the other hand, if someone has a bad diet, does not brush their hair correctly and does not have a set haircare routine, their hair will, consequently, have a weaker resistance to chemicals.

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How Long Does Permanent Hair Dye Last For?

Usually, a permanent hair dye will last between 1 or 2 months – around 6 to 8 weeks, to be more precise. During this period, the hair dye remains strong and vivid in the hair, and the evidence of 8 weeks after applying the dye is seen in the roots of the hair.

This is how long it takes for someone to do touch-ups on their hair dye. The actual time it takes for hair dye to completely disappear from the hair depends on:

  • The length of someone’s hair at the time of coloring their hair
  • If they had cut their hair during the time in which the dye was placed
  • How healthy the hair is
  • The type of hair

It can take several months for a permanent hair dye to completely not be seen in the hair anymore. Depending on how long or short the hair is, or how strong it is, this window of time will vary greatly.

Gray hair also has its own limitations. Although many people dye their gray hair, it is important to understand that gray hairs do not have the same strength as young hairs do – therefore, it can be quite damaging to dye a gray hair too much.

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How To Make Permanent Hair Dye Last Longer?

Hair dye can actually damage any hair, if proper care is not taken. Your hair can stay significantly damaged if you keep on coloring it constantly without tending to your roots and ends.

One way to care for your colored hair is to keep a healthy lifestyle, a good diet and keeping a consistent hair care routine. However, there are also other measures you can take to keep your dye lasting longer:

Use the right products for your hair

If you have hair dye, you need to make use of products that are proper for your type of hair and the type of dye you use. For instance, if you dyed your hair red, you should not use products for people who have dyed their hair blonde.

Say no to hot water

Lukewarm showers and the cold water will be more beneficial to the follicles of your hair, since the heat can damage them.

Avoid the Sun

On a similar note, it is advisable to also avoid the Sun – or any other heat. Avoid using straighteners or curlers without protecting your dyed hair first.

Avoid any other chemicals

Not just blow dryers and alikes should be avoided to a maximum (unless you normally use products that protect your hair well), but also places with other chemicals should be avoided – for example, a pool. Avoid jumping in the pool and drying in the Sun if you have recently dyed your hair.

Use shampoo with less frequency

Washing your hair too much will cause it to dry quicker and break. Upon coloring your hair, do not shower it with shampoo and conditioner right away, and space out the window time in which you use shampoo in your hair as well.

A conditioning treatment is more advisable to be done on a weekly basis. Oils and moisturizers are also welcome.

VIP Salon Can Assist You With All of Your Hair Dye Care Needs

At VIP Salon, we are dedicated to providing clients with professional service of quality and reliability. We can assist you with any doubts and concerns you may have about hair dye, Bridal Hair Styling and provide you with a treatment tailored to your hair type.

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Will permanent hair dye ever go away?

Yes. Like all good things in life, permanent hair dye does go away, even if it takes several months.

How long does permanent hair dye last?

Around 6 to 8 weeks between touch-ups.

Why does permanent hair color wash out?

As the name suggests, hair dye is not a hair’s natural color, even if it is “permanent”. It will always wash out because the root of the hair has its own original color.

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