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Top 4 Summer Hairstyles For 2023 | Best Summer HairCuts & Colors

With the weather getting hotter, it’s the best time to look into summer hairstyles. You can rock a new summer hairstyle in 2023, with the help of professional hair stylists. Whether you prefer short, long, updos, or braids, you can choose from the most suitable summer haircuts that fit your preference. There are a variety of summer hair colors, from semi-permanent to permanent hair dye, to enhance your look and adapt to the new season.  

Ready to experiment with summer haircuts and colors? Keep reading to visualize your new hairstyle to keep you looking fresh and feeling confident all summer long. 

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Best Haircuts for Summer for 2023

1. Short Summer Haircuts 

If you’re looking for a simple yet easy-to-manage hairstyle to shape your face, bob haircuts for summer are an ideal option. Slightly longer front pieces will elongate your face, while the back is combed straight or wavy, depending on your preference. 

Pixie haircuts for summer are another great hairstyle that became popular in the 50s, influenced by iconic actress Audrey Hepburn. You can part your hair on the side or get bangs for a traditional vintage look. Pixie haircuts sit just under the back of the head, and minimal styling is needed as it requires less maintenance.

Short hairstyles can benefit from one color or added highlights for dimension. For example, a dark pixie haircut with ash brown or blonde bangs creates a bold contrast in color. It also gives the illusion of natural highlights from the sun. Platinum blonde or even colorful hues like pink can brighten your look for the summer, depending on your style and skin tone.

2. Long Summer Haircuts 

If you prefer long hair in the summer, there are various flattering ways to style it. For a beachy summer hairstyle, long wavy haircuts for summer will give you that effortless look, like you just came from the beach. Professional stylists will curl your hair and brush it through, creating the perfect wave. 

Straight haircuts for summer are also a popular option for a sleek appearance. For added style, using a straightener and angling the ends of your hair toward your face will bring your hair to the next level. Summer hair colors that suit long hair are blonde or ash brown balayage dye. This gradual brightening of hair color stands out in wavy hair to add dimension. For instance, brown hair with blonde balayage brightens up the mid-to-end length for a summer glow. 

Moreover, long hair is the most adaptable trend. Long hair can look even better when layers are added since they give it a whole new dimension. Layers will also look more interesting and stylish, adding texture, volume, and movement, which can be the perfect option to change up your summer hairstyle while maintaining your length.

long hair to shorthair cut

3. Updos for Summer 

There are plenty of stylish updos for summer if you’re going to an event or patio lunch outing with friends. A popular updo is a low bun with front pieces hanging out to frame your face. This look is most suited to elevate your look for an elegant and upscale outing, such as a wedding or prom.

Another elegant updo is half-up and half-down. The front of your head can be slicked-back with half your top hair pulled back in a ponytail, or you can leave your front bangs hanging out. To complete the look, you can curl both the bottom half and ponytail and brush it through for gorgeous waves.

A common but effective summer updo is a high ponytail. For added volume, lift a quarter section of the ponytail up and use a comb to tether the hair back and forth on the bottom section, pushing the hair towards the front of the elastic band. That way, the top half will sit on top higher than normal. Additionally, you can curl the ends with a straightener outwards to make a subtle wave. For more elegance, wrap a piece of hair around the elastic band to cover it completely a modern styling tactic hair stylists will be more than happy to help you with. 

Beautiful air wedding hairstyle/ updos hairstyle

4. Braids for Summer 

Braids are a fun and trending hairstyle for summer 2023 and are most suitable for long hair. For instance, If you have long front pieces, you can create two small braids on both sides to add interest to your look. If you’re going for a unique braided hairstyle, you can braid medium-sized front pieces and pull them back to both sides of the back of your hair and secure them with a clip. 

There are different types of braids, such as a fishtail, a French braid, a classic three-strand braid, or a bubble braid. Each braid is beneficial for different occasions. For example, a French braid is suitable for a more active lifestyle for playing sports, like beach volleyball or tennis. One French braid from the top of the head ensures the hair doesn’t get in the way and looks stylish at the same time. 

Bubble braids are a great way to spice up braid looks and are equivalent to the name since they resemble bubbles. However, you’ll require multiple elastics to achieve this hairstyle. To secure each bubble braid in place, separate each section one inch or one and a half inches apart and wrap the elastic around the section tightly to give the illusion of bubbles. Thin rubber elastics are suitable for thin hair, and thicker elastics are for thick hair. 

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Best Hair Colors for Summer You Can Try

hair colors

With the warm summer weather, the best hair colors are lighter hues to mimic the natural highlights of the sun. For example, ash blonde highlights compliment brunettes or dark blondes. Or, if you prefer to color your whole head, consider going a shade lighter. Redheads will look great with strawberry blonde hair, or black hair to chocolate brown hair. It depends on your individual preferences and hair health, as dying hair can cause damage, but it can be worth it to spice up your look for the summer season. 

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Contact VIP Hair Salon for Trendy Summer Haircuts

At VIP Hair Salon, we believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best. Our team of experienced stylists located in Boca Raton, FL. are dedicated to helping you find the perfect summer haircut with recommendations to fit your style and budget. Whether you’re looking for a classic haircut or something more unique, our stylists will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today at (561) 808-2788 and let us help you get the trendiest hairstyle around. 

FAQs on Summer Haircuts

Blonde, light brown, and strawberry-blonde shades are typically the best options for summer hair. However, some people prefer dark hair with a tan, as it can give a more daring and dramatic appearance. 

If you want a vibrant look that stands out and stays in the summer months and beyond, coloring your hair is a great option. However, going lighter can damage your hair when exposed to sun rays and chlorine, so you may prefer getting highlights. 

Generally, lighter colors are better during warmer months because they absorb less heat than darker colours, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun. If you are blonde, consider getting platinum, redheads can get a strawberry hue, and brunettes can get highlights or balayage. 

Choose a blonde shade that is a sandy, ashy blonde since it tends to brighten the complexion and give an overall youthful appearance. Getting a shorter haircut can also make you look younger, such as a traditional bob or layered pixie cut.

The hottest hair color depends on your personal preferences and style. Looking at celebrity inspiration in the media can help you choose a summer hair color that will be trendy and suitable for your desired look.

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